About me

Born and raised in the ‘Free State’ province of South Africa, I’ve been an expat since 2005 when my partner got a 4 year contract in Sydney, Australia. We moved just before my 28th birthday. We spend the next 8 years living there and now have duel citizenship.

Since then, we have lived in Asia and the Middle East and will be moving on again in the near future.

I know that expat life can be a challenge. I hope to help in some way or another, through my blog, to make things easier.


I am passionate about graphic design! I studied Graphic Design full time for 3 years in South Africa at the University of Technology. Here I also lectured in figure drawing and computer skills for the first year graphic design students. I have experience in working for small design studios, big advertising agencies and a publishing house. In 2010 I started my own business and am now focusing on building my own brand and products. On the LINE social media sticker shop, I have ranges of stickers that are being sold and I also have a few books published to iBooks and Kindle.

I am trying to improve the general quality of self-produced work out there, whether it is eBooks, covers, or people designing their own logos! I am trying to help educate people to respect their names and their businesses by NOT associating with poor design.

I hope to share some helpful design advice and resources in my blog as well.