My Top 3 Paid Stock Photo Websites

My top 3 Stock Photo websites

There certainly are MANY stock photo websites out there. Googling it will flood your page with them!

So how did these 3 qualify to be on my list?

The top 3 on my list are there firstly because of the subscription options they offer.×1102.jpg

At one point in time I did need 300+ images per month. When I started focussing on my own projects though, 10 images per month was more than enough. Now I only occasionally need images. Unfortunately, it usually works out cheaper per image if you get a bulk subscription.

Secondly, they are fantastic value for money when it comes to their great range and quality of images – some site are cheaper, but (in my opinion) they lack diversity of images and I often struggle to find something suitable.

Here are my top 3 stock photo websites:

  1. Depositphotos
  2. Dreamstime
  3. Shutterstock

Depositphotos was the most economical option for my needs and has a fantastic library of images to choose from. I have always found a suitable image with them. PLUS – everybody loves a Freebie, right? Depositphotos offers 4 free downloadable files every week, 1 photo, 1 vector, a video and 1 editorial image.

Dreamstime certainly have great subscription options – you can choose only 5 images per month if you wish, where most other sites have a minimum of 10 per month. You can also make a donation with your purchase. Dreamstime donates 1% of the purchase price of any plan you select to support a charity of your choice. And yes, Dreamstime also has a free image every week!

Shutterstock is an old favourite of mine. The plans and pricing are very competitive these days, but they are still one of the best. They have a huge image library and I love the quality and variety of their stock photos.

Lastly – Why pay at all when there are so many free stock images available these days?

If you are doing any kind of design work for which you are being paid, or using an image on anything that you will be making money on, you MUST have a commercial use license to use that image, font or other media. Free images very, very seldom come with anything other than a personal use license. These images may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration. Using an image without the right license is a copyright infringement and punishable by law.

And there you have it – I can personally recommend all three of these sites and I hope you will find them useful too.

Did you know that you can also download stock video clips?

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