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Yep. That’s all I had when I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. Peter’s company did not pay for shipping. Since this was a bit of a scary change of scenery for us, we did not want to pay either. It’s funny how uncertainty can affect you! We did not know where we going to live or.. well we did not know ANYTHING about Jakarta actually! Peter was there for one evening only for his interview and that was it. Neither of us has ever travelled to Asia before, so this was truly an adventure!

Selamat Pagi Jakarta

We also did not know anybody in Jakarta. I am very happy with my own company, so being on my own most of time did not scare me. What did scare me was not knowing what the people were like.

Fish BBQ in Jakarta

To my great relief and surprise, the Indonesian people are friendly and helpfull.  There was one huge problem though – language! It came as a bit of a shock that many Indonesians can hardly speak any English at all. This was especially problematic when trying to get around in a taxi. By the way – I would really not recommend driving in Jakarta. Traffic is always “stuck” as they put it “macet”. There are people who drive, but most companies will actually give you a driver.

In the end I ended going to a language school to learn some basic Indonesian. This was one of the best things I ever did. Not only could I communicate with the locals, but I met the nicest people and made friends for life.

Through the people that I met, I got to know about new restaurants to try, new places to visit etc. This inspired me to write this blog: word of mouth is crucial to know what is going on! What a relief when someone else has been there or tried it before you.

There certainly are many, many, MANY lifestyle, journal type blogs out there. Expats want to share their amazing experiences with the world.  My blog is that, but also a resource.

I want my blog to be a reference when travelling or moving to a new place.

On my blog you will find ideas on how to keep busy, work from home, tips and resources as well as freebies. I hope that in time I can build up my guides and links to be sufficient!

For helpful links and useful info about living in Jakarta – please click here for links I have collected for you.

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