Write your own eBook

Write your own EBook

Yes, YOU can and should write your own eBook!

“About what?”, you ask? Anything you are passionate about or have experience in. Lots of expat woman had professional careers before moving abroad. Maybe you were a full time mom or volunteer?

Whatever your occupation (or hobby), you are an expert in your field. Believe me – you are!

I am borrowing a saying used for autism awareness: “We are more alike than we are different”. We have more in common than you may think, so share what you know!

Here are 5 ideas for topics to write your own eBook about:

  1. A friend of mine wrote about her son with autism – do you have a sick family member or friend and want to share your experiences? What a great way to raise awareness plus sharing tips on how to make it easier is always nice for others to read.
  2. Are you a direct seller? How about a list + review of your top 10 products? Yes, brochures can also be a form of eBook!
  3. Have you started working from home? Tell others about it – what mistakes did you make and how can they avoid it.
  4. Got any hobby tips? 5 Best crochet techniques for beginners. How to paint in watercolour. Cake decorating secrets.
  5. Do you have professional advice to share? Bookkeeping or tax tips?

Your eBook is not a novel – don’t worry about writing 100 pages! You can keep it short and sweet.

My range of short recipe books was inspired by my Grandma (sadly she is no longer with us). In no way, shape or form am I a great cook, however, she was and I wanted to preserve a part of her life that she adored. Recipe books were just the logical choice.

Go grab your FREE copy of my Grandma’s cookie recipes here!

I also wrote some eBooks on layout and design. As a graphic designer I found that more and more people are doing their own designs with all the readily available technology out there. And why shouldn’t they? I know graphic design costs can add up quickly. Unfortunately, they don’t immediately have the skills required to make their designs look good. Nothing screams “amateur!” like bad design.

Yes, you can sell your eBooks on Amazon and other sites, but you don’t have to. It is a great feeling of accomplishment just to finish your book! Very often eBooks are offered for free, or simply add it to your social media sites.

If you do want to sell your book – please download my free copy of MS Word to ePub on my Freebies page. Here you will find guidelines to follow on setup and layout for publishing to Kindle.

Write your own eBook. The LIfe in LImbo - blog and resources about expat life and graphic design.

Get my guide on how to do your layout in MS Word and convert your book to PDF with Adobe Acrobat here!

Available soon: my freebie on basic book structure, please check back again soon.

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